The Metaphor of a Horse Race in Election Coverage

The metaphor of a horse race is a familiar one, and it has been used in election coverage for decades. The Boston Journal even featured the race in its election coverage as early as 1888. But the image has come under fire for its negative connotations, especially when it comes to the way that journalists cover elections and use polls. In the book, Horse Racing in Politics, authors Atkin and Gaudino criticize the treatment of campaigns as a horse race, which focuses attention on beauty and neglects substance.

horse race

The metaphor of a horse race is similar to campaigning, which often begins with a candidate having a good head start but then begins to lose speed as it approaches the back straight. Then, at the end of the race, it finally reaches the home stretch and regains momentum. While it’s a similar story, election coverage can benefit from the use of election handicappers. Without the use of handicappers, the coverage of political races would resemble endless policy white papers. In addition, an election can take 22 months, which allows journalists plenty of time to examine a variety of perspectives.

Using the language of horse racing to describe politics can be an effective branding strategy. Because horses can carry less weight in allowance races, they can provide a more personal touch. Additionally, if they are unproven, the coverage can serve as an opening for more in-depth issues coverage. The advantage of this approach is that it keeps the race as open as possible for multiple viewpoints. With so much going on, horse race stories can be an excellent way to get the inside scoop on a political candidate.

While horse race journalism isn’t a viable alternative to mainstream media coverage, it can also be effective as a tool for engaging readers with the politics of a country. By presenting the candidates side by side on the issues that matter most to them, they can help voters decide which politician is the most likely candidate. The coverage of such races can help make the election season more interesting for voters and help voters make a more informed decision.

The horse race is a popular sport that has a deep history. As a form of a popular sport, horse racing is very similar to the English language. Its popularity is based on the number of runners and how many horses are entered. The most popular types of races are the one that has the biggest purse. In the world of racing, the biggest prize is the Derby. In the UK, a horse race is held in May, and the winner is named after a city.

The horse race has become a popular form of media, and it has the potential to become the next sensation. It can also be used to provide a window into politics. Whether a horse runs faster or slower, the horse race is a fascinating topic for political reporting. The media can use the information about horses to inform their readers. Some of the stories are about horse racing. Some are about the election and other topics. However, there are some exceptions to these rules.